y=mx+b song

February 9, 2012

Download this mp3 file to practice the slope-intercept song.


Multiplying Integers Song

September 16, 2011

Are having trouble remembering what to do with the signs when you multiply or divide positive and negative numbers? Maybe this little tune will help. It is sung to the tune of "Happy Days Are Here Again." Here are the words: "When multiplying different signs, it's negative; now keep in mind, when multiplying signs the same, positive it will remain."


2. Integer Operations

September 12, 2010

In this episode you will review how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. You will hear some songs that may help you to remember the rules.


1. Chisholm Math Minutes - Expectations

June 21, 2010

This is a podcast for Mrs. Penner's 8th grade math class. She explains the expectations she has for behavior in her classroom and gives a few suggestions for what to do if you need help on your homework.